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  • Market Analysis for your Business.
  • Advise you on Market.
  • How to set up Office, find staff?
  • Helping you to complete Business Incorporation.
  • Legal Consultancy for all kinds of Licensing.
  • Tax Compliance.
  • How to open Bank Account?
  • How to get Business Credit?
  • How to get residency for yourself & your family?

We will help you for following in Dubai

Types Of Business Setup


Allows companies to do business with complete freedom, both within UAE and around the world. (Dubai also happens to be a major transit hub). Companies in the mainland can do business with government and semi-government organizations.


Allows businesses to have a 100% ownership. You don’t require a local sponsor or an agent to act as liaison. This is ideal predominantly for trading and industrial activity. Goods and services offered within Free Zones are exempted from VAT.


This type of offshore company registration refers to a business operating outside UAE. The offshore possibility has basically been set up to cater for companies who need to have a regional “tax relief-invoicing-facility”.


Huge potential for the companies related to Financial & Ecommerce Sector

  • Ecommerce Startups
  • Fintech Projects
  • VC Fund
  • Financial Services Company
  • Blockchain Based Company


step 1

Get Consultation

step 2

Submit Required Documents

step 3

Sign Initial Documents

step 4

Wait For Pre-Approval

step 5

Get Your License

step 6

Get Visa & Bank Account



  • hoosing the right company type is always a challenging part for investors.

    UAE has three types of companies:


    Free Zone Onshore

    Free Zone Offshore.

    Each of the types has a different setup procedures, time frames, and objectives to achieve.

    Know your business before choosing the company type.

  • If your answer is yes for the following questions then you should select Mainland Company.

    1. Is your Company going to sale products & Services in UAE?
    2. Do you need an office in the main areas of UAE?
    3. Do you have any intension to make government contracts?
    4. Are you dealing with UAE local as well as international Clients?
    5. Do you need easy approval for bank account and immigration?
    6. Do you need business freedom?

  • If the answer is yes for the following questions then you should select Free Zone Onshore

    1. Is your company going to sale products & Services Internationally?
    2. Is your company is dealing with free zone client?
    3. Is your company has less focus on UAE mainland?
    4. Is your company trading port to port? For trading company
    5. Do you need 100% ownership?
    6. Do you need easy paperwork for company formation?
    7. Physical office is not required in the mainland area?
    8. Do you want to operate virtually?
    9. Do you want to setup company without a local sponsor?

  • If your answer is yes then you should select offshore.

    1. Do you need a banking facility in the UAE?
    2. Is physical office least important for you?
    3. Do you need a company and bank account without office and visa?
    4. Do you want to hold companies located in a different part of the world?
    5. Are you not going to use UAE Port?
    6. Do you want to hold freehold properties in UAE?
    7. Do you want to save taxes on corporate incomes?
    8. Are you a having business making good turnover?
    We always recommend consulting with our experts and lawyers to get more clarity on the type of company.

  • Choosing a right type of license is simple but sometimes if you are in multiple businesses or you wish to expand your operation in the future under same name and company, this is where you should be careful choosing the right type of license in the beginning.

    There is one simple formula for choosing the right license, where you can select license as per your activity such as a commercial trading license for trading activity, general trading license for multiple trading license, Cars, Gold & Diamond trading activities does not come under general trading license.

    Consultancies such as marketing consultancy, management consultancy and other professional consultancy are not tricky but if you are into health care, tourism, Media, Education or aviation etc. then you should not forget to take third party approvals or you can consult with our experts and they will advise you the easiest way.

    Manufacturing license is not easy as other activities because of unique requirements of warehouse size, electricity, water and other utility requirements. The United Arab Emirates has many free zone areas as well as mainland industrial area to facilitate this activity. That’s why there are many crucial points to understand before you take this license, For Example; if manufacturing is for the purpose of export, we should get a license from an industrial area close to the port or airport, at the same time, don’t forget to know the right port for import and export of raw material, maybe your supplier is not using that port which causes you extra trucking time and expense.

    We always recommend consulting with our expert to get more clarity.

  • Most of the new start-up, International companies, investors experimenting in the UAE market and many other types of companies seeking company without office space.

    UAE Department of Economic Development and many free zone authorities have introduced virtual office and sustainable contract to setup and renewal your companies without office space. However, this option is only for small companies or companies with less staff working in UAE.

    GRG business Center is authorized by Dubai DED to issue sustainable contracts to mainland companies. GRG business Center has many other facilities like call answering services, Mail handling services, P.O.Box, Meeting room services, Co-Working space and physical offices for companies operating in the United Arab Emirates.

    We always recommend consulting with our expert to get more clarity.

  • Banking in UAE is well-known in the world, Simple and easiest banking system has been introduced by UAE local banks. UAE Banking provides a vital role to develop financial system and economic growth within UAE.

    UAE banking sector provides Dynamic banking services to individuals, SME & large industries, the fastest Online banking system with many other creative services made banking unique in UAE.

    How to get a cooperate account:

    Bank account In UAE is not difficult if you fulfil the following criteria:

    1. Setting up a company is the first setup to open cooperate bank account in UAE.

    2. Owner of the company must have a source of income or funds.

    3. Profile of the owner must be matching with the activity on the license.

    4. Owner of the company must be available in the UAE to sign the bank account opening application.

    5. Owner of the company must take a UAE residency visa. If they’re more than one shareholders then at least one should have UAE residency visa.

    6. Additional documents are required if the owner is a politically exposed person.

    7. Owner of the company should not belong to the sanction countries. We always recommend consulting with our expert to get more clarity.